Friday, August 2, 2013

Step Three: Painting the Cabinets

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Welcome to part three of my RV overhaul. 

After much waffling and debating with myself back and forth, I decided to repaint the cabinetry in the RV.  I wasn't sure whether or not to paint because I didn't want to compromise the integrity of its vintage feel.  However, there were a fair amount of damaged areas, so I opted to go ahead.  Here is my process.

I began by taping areas I wanted to protect.

Next, I removed the hardware from the cabinets and cabinets from where they were mounted.  These cabinets are very old; likely the originals (hence my indecisiveness), and made of laminate.

With laminate cabinets, I really didn't see sanding as a option. I decided to primer the cabinets instead.
This primer, Zinsser 123 Bulls Eye Primer, is really fantastic.  It works almost like an adhesive.  It adheres to any surface, giving it a matte, semi-rough feel, which allows for the paint to bond.  What I love about this primer is that it dries lickety-split, so you can begin to paint in approximately twenty minutes (or was it the sweltering California sun?). 

I used a very thin application of the primer before I began to paint.

The paint I chose is a very dark espresso.

It took two coats and a bit of touch ups (two and a half coats total if that's a number).  Here is my result. 



I will continue to post as I progress.  Thank you!

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